Review of our first year

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact date when Datan’Press was born. During the last trimester of the year 2011 we all got together several times (Saül Gordillo also came along a few times) and started the projects @Resultados20n and @DebatPSC. After this we (Arnau, David and Edu) decided to start to working together systematically in data journalism and the analysis of big data.

Bellow there’s a review of our first year:

-15th. We came up with the name Data’n’Press.

-20th. Finalist in the second edition of Concurso Empèn UPC (Programa Innova), which allowed us to take the Enterprising course at EADA Business School free of charge.

-12th. We presented @Resultados20n in the Data Journalism Barcamp of MediaLab-Prado.

-6th. We launched that counts the number of users switching their twitter interface to Catalan.
-17th. Presentation of Data’n’Press in the workshop Una panoràmica sobre la situació del periodisme de dades al món of Media140.
-26th. Data’n’Press is a last minute guest speaker in a forum about Amphibious Reporters in I Curso de Verano UCM de Periodismo de Datos with Chiqui Esteban and Mari Luz Congosto.

-7th. We launched Especial 11 de setembre de that counts the hashtags that were most used during the diada.
-21th. We launched Especial la Mercè 2012 para El Periódico de Catalunya that shows geo-localized tweets about la Mercè on a map of Barcelona.

-12th. We talk about Data Journalism in the radio show Internauta.

-9th. We launched Tuitometre de Vilaweb to follow the Catalan elections electoral campaign.
-25th. We launched Mapa del Sobiranismo para Vilaweb, that shows the results of the Catalan election in every city and town.

-29th. We did an assessment of the first 5 months of twitter in Catalan in Tv3 News (Catalan public Tv).